It's Friday!

Thank goodness. It has been a long and rather exhausting week, to be honest. I am pretty much wiped at this point! Yesterdays run was awesome though, and it definitely was one of the things that really helped me to get through the remainder of the day!

And the rest of the day was LONG. Way longer than a Thursday post-work normally is. That was because it was volleyball night! Tournament night even. So we were at the rec center until after 11. We probably played volleyball for more than 3 hours last night on top of my already athletically overworked body. Oh my gosh I was so beat when I got home! And J had just arrived at home, he had been at the bar for a going away party for a coworker.

Today I am struggling a little with my diet. I did not plan very well as a lot of my normal favorite foods I am out of. I ran out of lettuce yesterday so I did not have a salad for lunch. I am also out of berries. Which I LOVE LOVE LOVE and they are currently so perfect and delicious! It will DEFINITELY be a purchase both for home and for the shower! I think that if J and I decide that we don't have time to go to Findlay Market, then we will be making a trip to pipkins, which in some ways is better since it is so close to my house!

Plus there are always things there that I want to try as far as fruits, veggies, and herbs and pipkins with out all of the yummy waffles that I MUST HAVE if we go down to Findlay. And, well, those don't really fit into my plan, so maybe avoiding them is better!

Right now I am internet window shopping. This means, basically, that I am adding things from all sorts of websites to my amazon wish list. Its fun, and it gives me ideas of new clothes to buy myself when I hit goals. However, that means I need to SET some goals. There we go... Setting goals is a Monday - day off - day goal!

I probably won't be around on the weekend, but I am the one who reads my own stuff, so that is ok!


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