I have had a pretty good day today. I have had my meals pretty good and stuff, so I am pleased. Even though it is a Saturday I have done well! I always like to have successful weekends. It is tough for me on the weekend because it is usually when we go out to eat dinner or other meals. Today we did not do that. Today we cooked dinner because we made our monthly (well, slightly less often than that, I guess) trip to Sam's Club. We bought a bunch of ground beef, and I mixed it up with some spices and seasonings, in order to make really tasty burgers. So we had burgers and sweet potato fries for dinner, it was fabulous.

Next week is check-in week. There will be progress pictures then. I think I will take them in the same bikini as last time, just to have some really good comparisons.

I am nervous. I don't feel smaller necessarily and I have been eating really well. So that stresses me out a little. I wish I felt and LOOKED teeny tiny. I want to really rock this whole competition thing. I really want to be a winner at something for the first time in my life. Everything that I love gets taken away from me in general! I mean, like theater. Suddenly, I am too old to be a lead or too much of friends with the director or something and that is ruined.

I am flustered with myself, I guess. I just want to be a winner. I want to be a success.


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