I did not get my 6W6P done BEFORE work this morning as I had originally planned. I just did not sleep well, so I slept until 4:56 rather than 4:15. 4:15 was the plan so I could do the DVD then and not have to worry about it later. However, I completely wiped myself out yesterday by not sleeping well last night.

I managed to get to the gym at lunchtime to get my cardio on. Normally Thursdays are running days, but this week it just was not happening. I am way too beat right now to get any running done. I instead hit the stepmill for 45 minutes. That was tough. Normally I would be able to plow through 45 minutes of cardio, but today I sweat, breathed heavy, and STRUGGLED. I am not sure how I am going to get through 90 minutes of volleyball, plus a 30 minute Jillian core routine. And I want to get to bed early.

I am super tempted just to skip out on volleyball. Go home. Eat dinner. Go to sleep nice and early. Not only am I beat, but my belly is kind of pissed about all of the food its getting. Which is strange because I am "dieting" so in theory I am cutting back my calories, but I am full ALL THE TIME, which sucks. I don't want my snack that is in front of me right now, I really don't want a 450 calorie dinner (which is the amount of calories I will have left in the day assuming I get through this cottage cheese/almond butter concoction that is in front of me. And if I don't get through that, I will have more like 550-600 calories left. :-( Who knew dieting would be tough because I HAVE to eat? Not me, no how. :(

As of now the evening plan: go home at quarter to 5. Eat dinner. Volleyball (an hour and a half... ugh...) home, jillian dvd, shower, sleep. Then tomorrow, I WILL be up before 5, do my lower body strength (my deep squats could use some work getting a little bit deeper), come home and weigh, take progress pics, work, and then FINANCE FUN DAY! (we're going out to lunch and going to see the Lincoln Lawyer). Then cardio - 45 minutes on the elliptical, and home for Jillian.

Then I am taken myself out to dinner for a grilled buffalo chicken sandwich, some sweet potato fries, and a glass (just 1!) of red wine. I deserve it.

By the way... the "famous" person. Russell Simmons. :-)


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