Happy Hump Day!

I am feeling all of the hard work that I have done so far this week. My hammies are feeling absolutely BRUTALIZED after all of those deep squats yesterday. And on Friday Joe has me doing 4 sets of 20 reps! Yesterday I was just doing 5 sets of 8. Ugh. No idea how much weight will be do-able for 20 reps. But I think initially I am going to go for it, and try for 75 lbs. I suppose that does depend a little bit on how my two warm up sets of 45 lbs each go.

And tomorrow will be back to upper body. I am adding in some pull ups for the first time. Additionally I am going to be adding 5 lbs to my negative chin ups. So we're really working on kicking it up! I am super looking forward to really beginning to see some SOLID results. I suppose that looking at myself every day makes that a little bit more difficult, but I am trusting Joe for that affirmation.

It was so weird yesterday. The power was out at the gym. Well, not completely, they did have partial power, which I suppose is better than none, because I was able to get in there twice and get everything done that I wanted! The biggest issue with limited power was NO A/C and if you are in Ohio right now, and you are working out, this is a problem. It has been horribly hot lately. Especially in the mid afternoon, which is right when I was lifting. I sweat up a storm just lifting for 45 minutes. That was intense.

Around quarter to 5, I left and went back to the gym to get in my cardio. I just hit the elliptical for 45 minutes and about 6 miles. Just under 6, actually. Next time I have elliptical (Friday) I think I am going to shoot for 6 and that will be my goal!

J and I planned to grill out last night as long as it was not storming. Then while I was at the gym he text me suggesting Slatts. I put the kibosh on that. Well, kind of. I told him that it was up to him, but I would prefer grilling. :-) I figured that was a safe response. Of course, he did not even see that until after I was home. But when I said "well, its up to you..." naturally he didn't finish listening to me and instead kind of growled. So I calmly gave him a look and said, let me finish... and he did, and I continued with, but i would prefer to grill. In reality, I had pretty much already accounted for all the calories of grilling and knew that I would be hitting my goals with that. And let's be honest... I feel best if I stick with my goals!

I have a networking even this evening, and I am nervous about going somewhere where I do not know what kind of food will be served. Its a Mexican place, so chips and salsa are a given. NO CHIPS EMILY! I want there to be lots of chicken and veggies, but that is not going to happen. Not at Nada. Not drinking should be pretty easy. Its the food that is getting me. All of this is pretty unexpected as I get further into the program. The workouts are cake and I love doing them. Not that they are easy workouts by any stretch, just that I enjoy doing them, so it is easy to make myself go to the gym everyday.

I honestly am VERY seriously considering skipping so I can make it not about the food. And I can just eat what I think I should be eating without worrying about my food. Sigh. Social events are TOUGH STUFF!


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