Friday's Workout - heavy legs

Well today was the last day of my second full week of workouts on the plan. I have done this particular leg workout three times, as I got the workouts in time to do this one two Fridays ago. It was a leg day. My legs are definitely beginning to feel like jell-o a little bit. I am worn thin.

So what I did today was (not including the weights I did):
Deep squats 4x12
Romanian deadlifts 4x12
leg press 4x10
hip thrust 3x12
pendulum step overs (ugh, the QUADS) 3x10
prone hammie curl (I am a light weight on this one, its hard!) 3x10
crunches on swiss ball with cable 3x20

I did have a 4th 100% clean - hit all the macros - day yesterday. It felt really good and like I was accomplishing something pretty big! I plan to have another one today DESPITE the fact that I will be hanging out with the ladies tonight and possibly drinking a single glass of wine. But seriously, there will be only one for sure if there is ANY!

I have all of my food planned now for the rest of the day. It does NOT include a glass of wine, and to be honest, I am ok with that. I decided that instead of wine, I was going to have some cheese it crackers. And honestly, it was SUPER worth it, I think. They tasted so good! I really do like eating like this for the most part. I feel really good overall. And I am DEFINITELY getting stronger. I can tell.

Less than 2 weeks until progress pictures taking time! I am excited. That will mean it has been a full month of working with Joe. After that, we're going to do pictures and reassess every two weeks instead of every month. I am looking forward to hearing what changes he sees, as well as looking at them side by side myself and seeing what I can see as far as changes go!

Also, I bought gifts today for my sister, Leah, and Katie. Kind of their "thanks for being in my wedding" stuff. I am really excited for them. I got myself the same stuff too, because I liked what I picked out so much. Here's a hint... Bright colors are involved and I ordered things from two different places today! I would post a picture, but I can't because I am going to give this link to Leah soon, and I don't want her to know what it is (sorry Leah!)

I think I want to buy a diet/fitness journal. I saw one at Borders and it was super cute. I think I might hunt for one on (since I get free express shipping!) And then maybe also take advantage of the fact that you get swagbucks for ordering something from bn. Cause I am awesome.

Welp, work is just about over for the day, so I think that'll be it for now.


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