A few days, rolled into one...

So I have been taking pictures over the last few days, and kind of trying to prepare to write this blog in a way that might make me proud of it. I read other people's and the ones that I love the most are the ones that always are full of pictures. Definitely. So I am trying to be better about taking my camera with me places to be able to have one that I am proud of like that. :)

So on Friday after work, I had some plans to go to my friend Lara's house to work on music for my wedding. I was planning on having another clean/perfect night. To be honest, I think I failed. I pretty much suck. I was starting out really good. I packed some dinner and stuff, which was good. I was proud of that.

This is my dinner I cooked. It is a recipe I got from someone else. It is kind of a modified healthy buffalo dip. It is really good. But of course, Lara had brie cheese and crackers. So I definitely had a few of those. Which frustrated me to no end. I get so mad at myself when I screw up what I have planned. :-( I don't even know why I do it. I don't understand why I can't just resist. Everyone says "oh, Emily, you have iron will." That's bologna. I cave every damn time. :-(

I don't know. I get flustered with myself sometimes about it. I get mad that I am weak about these things. I really want to be able to eat clean and healthy all the time.

On Saturday, I ran a race. I ran in the first annual Butterfly 5K. There has always been a 1 mile walk, but this time, they decided to add a 5K run/walk. I ran it though. It was my May race. I actually had set myself a goal of running it in 28:30. Well, it turned out, I ran it in 27:38 and and AND I took 2nd place in my age group/gender. That was awesome. I am so so proud of myself. Who would have ever thought that I would turn out to be a runner!

Sorry. I don't know how to turn that picture sideways so it will be the right way. But there I am after I got home from running the race.

I made lunch for me and J after getting home. I just made some grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches. J had apple slices on the side of his, and I had some greek yogurt - always trying to get that extra hit of protein, I am! I took a picture of our lunches, because I liked them. They were super tasty.

Today we had mother's day at J's moms house. It is clear that they are all making an effort to fit in with my plans these days. In some ways, I love it. In other ways, it makes me feel a little guilty. Lunch over there was a salad bar. Tons of fruits and veggies plus lettuce and grilled chicken. And we did have some breadsticks too, but that was about the worst thing on the days menu!

I also had my first softball game of the summer today. We lost, and I went 1-2. But it was the first game, and that felt pretty good. :-)


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