Ab progress, stress, a yumm-o lunch

Well we will start with the first thing on that list. My ab progress pics from my 6 week 6 pack challenge. To be perfectly honest, I see no difference. Especially because I worked so hard last week, and mostly ate SO CLEAN. Maybe it was that single glass of red wine on Saturday night? (That red wine that by the way, was tracked and fit INTO my calories and carbs?) Or maybe it was that well -earned (coach endorsed) cheat after dinner on Friday night where I bought myself a bag of skittles. I thought VERY seriously about having the movie theater sized BOX of skittles, but I resisted and just bought the small bag.

Eh, oh well, I guess. I just have a lot of work to do for the NEXT 5 WEEKS, I guess. I really would LOVE to get super solid in this first 6 week challenge. Then I can use the second one (which would be the last before my wedding) to really solidify my abs before the honeymoon, because then when we get home from that, it is show time! Well, not QUITE showtime yet, but I will be in my crazy/heavy prep time!

Joe sent over some feedback on my rogress pics and said that overall, things are looking good, it looks like things are working. So no diet changes at this time. I am still sticking with the 1500 calories per day, 140 grams carbs, 120 grams protein, 51 grams fat, and about 6 of those 51 are coming from fish oil at this time. I assume that it will continue to be like that, at least for the forseeable future!

I am looking at my face in the picture as I am typing this. This was the day after I was so sick. I did my workout though. So i just looked and FELT terrible on Saturday, and this is the aftermath on Sunday morning. J was super worried, as my Auntie Cyn just had her appendix out. So he was very insistent that if it got worse I call Katie or Leah and have them go with me to the hospital or urgent care.

Luckily for me (and my insurance which is an HSA) laying down helped A LOT and I felt much better. Part of me is a little bit worried that it was resulting from too much ab work last week. So before I went to bed I laid down and stretched out really good to try and alliviate some of the pain. Sadly (and luckily too!) that did not work. I am glad it did not because I want to keep moving forward on the challenge and if just the first week had me out so badly, then there would just be no way i could continue. But it was not that (hooray!) so I did day 1 yesterday. I will be hitting up day 2 tonight, I think!

I had a supper yumm-o salad for lunch on Saturday. It consisted of romaine, almonds, chicken, strawberries, and some balsamic dressing. SO DELICIOUS. I had it for a repeat today. No cheese even!

Ok, there is more to say probably, but i am done for now.



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