Ab Challenge, check in, yesterday!

I am super excited about the ab challenge on spark people. I am definitely in to that! I like having folks to be accountable to for different things, and I don't have too much core work in my plan as of right now. So this will give me a chunk of it, I think! Plus I am working with a great group of ladies on Spark to really hammer home this challenge, and you gotta have great people. That's what makes things good!

J tried to download the Jillian DVD for me last night to no avail. Just not enough people seeding it. So he said, "oh, maybe next week." but next week doesn't cut it when I need to do it five times this week, per the challenge. So I am going to run out to target and see if I can find it today. At Wal-mart last night they had every Jillian DVD (including her newest!) except this one. Boo. So hopefully I have been success at Target.

J has requested some 5 hour energy for his trip that starts at 4 am tomorrow. So I went out after my lunchtime cardio and picked that up for him, along with a few things that I had coupons for (almonds, body wash, fiber one cereal -nom nom!) and also found the DVD I needed! So hooray.

Hopefully I will be doing it for the first time tonight! I am supposed to be doing it 5 times per week to keep up with my challenge, so we'll see how I can manage to fit it all in! I am lookingforward to trying it out. The only Jillian DVD I have done is the Shred, but I do love her as a trainer and stuff (plus, I love her body - who wouldn't?) so I had always planned on getting some of her other DVDs. I am curious how it will be and how tough and stuff. The Shred was not really enough of a challenge, I don't think. So we'll see how it is when it is simply core work, like this one is.

I don't have any ideas on what I am going to cook for dinner yet. Boo... Okay, I guess I will go do some research on some recipes and see what I come up with now!


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