6W6P workout 1 & 2

Like I said, I managed to find the DVD yesterday, and I did level one of the workout last night. I will be doing it again tonight. I will probably go with the plan as recommended by Jillian, meaning - 3 weeks on level one, then 3 weeks on level 2. I have not been doing too too much core work lately, so I might not be as strong as some folks.

I am however, doing the more advanced version of level one! Using weights, etc. It was tough, but it will definitely be "do-able". The group has us doing it 5 days per week! That is a LOT of ab work. But I have committed myself to this challenge, and so I am hoping that I can make it happen! I have one down this week, and 4 to go. Plus 5 weeks to go after that.

And now, a work update.

For anyone who doesn't know, I am an accountant. I work for a small company in Cincinnati. However, this small company happens to be owned by someone pretty famous. And this famous person is in Cincinnati and in the office today. That in and of itself feels just CRAZY! I mean, I have been working here for about 9 months now and this is the first time that I have met him. It was almost a little bit of star shock. But it was super cool.

Granted, I am not the coolest kid on the block. I never have been. So I introduced myself "hi I'm Emily." He shook my hand and said hi then immediately started talking to others about ski slopes? What?!!? Oh well. I guess I am still not the coolest kid. I suppose I will survive. But since he was in the office, we did take an office field trip over to our new space across the parking lot. We'll be moving in there in July. We are all really excited because we are super crammed into our current space and this new office is like 4 times bigger! We need the space for sure.

When I got home from work, I did 6w6p workout number 2! I struggled. I sweat. And it was AWESOME. I am actually kind of excited for round 3 tomorrow. I might get my 5 in this week after all! I was kind of nervous since I didn't actually start it until Tuesday, but I guess I just go Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri, and Sat and I have hit it all. Then pictures on Sunday.

Before that though, you'll have my full body one month progress pics. I am going to send those to Joe on Friday morning. So once I get them taken I will post a blog with some comparison shots. Eeeiii! I am super nervous about this. But I have been really good. I have only been doing 1 cheat per week in general, so I have been all over it. So hopefully I have HUGE results. I am praying for it.


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