Tuesday. I have plans with J tonight. We are going to go to BW3 to watch the Tigers game. I REALLY hope that they win.

Also, I wanted to be at this seminar today and it looks like there is pretty much no way that it is going to happen. I feel completely slammed today, and like there is pretty much no way that I am going to get out of here at any time that would be considered reasonable to be able to get things done. It is currently 12:30 pm. I have a training at 1 pm. It lasts until 3. It would then take me 15 minutes to get down there. So I would be down there by 3:15 or 3:30 at the earliest. Its over at 4:30/5 anyway. It just does not seem worth it. I have been looking forward to it for weeks!

Jason's cousin Chris and his fiancee came to town last night. They didn't get in until 11, and by then we were completely wiped out. It was kind of a bummer, honestly, because we do have fun with them when we get a chance to spend time with them (unless everyone is drunk, then it can get bad!)


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