Sometimes I wonder why I am not invited. It frustrates me. Basically I am talking about a facebook group that alot of my high school friends (Jason included) are in, but I was not invited. Super lame, says I. Okay, as it turns out (now that I look more closely) only three of my high school friends are in it, plus the group's creator, so 4. I feel a little better.

We leave tonight for KC. I am pretty excited about the whole thing. Once I got to his house last night, things were good. He seemed kind of moody when I called him after my game last night. So I admittedly was worried that he was flaking out about something, as he tends to do that, and I really do not want him to do that anymore, ever. We have done that way too many times now for it to happen again. If it does happen again, I am done. I just cannot do it anymore.

I should not be talking like that or thinking like that. Not right now, anyway. Not when things are going well!

I got (and by got, I mean "ordered") Jason's Christmas gift yesterday. I emailed Scott Dewey, who is a friend of Bruce and Michelle's, and asked him if he would make cornhole boards for Jason. I think it is the perfect gift, and I am so excited to give them to him, because I think he will LOVE them. Hopefully he does love them as much as I think he will. I am getting them for a really good price, I think, and so I am excited about it. I'll be saving some $$ on them, which is great, and I think he will really like it, which makes it the perfect thing!


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