I want to write today. I want to do nothing BUT write today. Well, that, and go to yoga, as it is my first class at work today. I think it is pretty sweet that we get to take a yoga class over lunch. How many other accounting/law firms can say that they do that? We are paying for it ourselves, but we are paying $2 per class and we get twelve classes.

Naturally, the day is not turning out like that at all. I got a call from Debbie with MCP needing tax help. Naturally, I agreed to give her a hand. So that is how I have pretty much spent my entire morning. I feel like I can probably chalk it up as "professional reading" since it was tax work, and tax work relating to the 990, which is what I will be working on a lot going forward on my NEXT new team.

Okay, so here in a few minutes I will be leaving to go and change to get ready for my yoga class. This will be the first actual class I have ever taken, as whenever I have done it before it was with a TV guy or something. A workout video maybe.

Ok, I am back from my yoga class now. It was fun and a bit interesting. I am not sure how I felt about it exactly. It was nice to get out of the office and do something else for a little while, we did 50 minutes of poses and then a 10 minute meditation.

Well, I am all moved in at my latest, greatest new cube. So far, so good. It didn't take too long to get packed up and move over here. So I am all set up across the office, as part of the NFP team, and getting ready to take on whatever new things may come. We'll see how this all goes. I am happy to be here as of right now. We will see what all of these guys are like, and how I feel about being here after a few weeks, but as of right now, things are pretty good! The people all seem to be pretty cool, even though I have really only worked with one of the co-ops (she used to be MY co-op) and the two tax people, since they have been giving me work all summer.



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