I am having another happy morning. I am beginning to think that something might be wrong with me because of how many good mornings I have had in a row! I hope that didn't just jinx me *knock on wood*

Shirley came over here as I was writing. That woman completely cracks me up. She said, as I was updating, "I don't care what you do. I just like to see what everyone else is up to." I love her. I am doing a few things for her right now. I am getting rather confused. He has losses to take the basis of something that has a high income amount.

Ok, I talked to Shirley and have that fixed now. Yahoo!

Moving on, back to work on a 990. I am staying busy these days, which is awesome. Earlier in the summer I was not busy at all. I guess it just took Julie to help me out, and now I am moving in the direction that I want to move. Yahoo.

Okay. Work now.


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