Friday. I have been waiting for Friday all week long. Jason and I have plans tonight and tomorrow night as well. I am afraid that I might be monopolizing his time, which is one of those things that causes him to freak out. I hate that these things are his idea, and yet he gets upset (during his freakouts) and is all "I need space" etc. I would have been more than willing to let him go out with his friends tonight, and I would go out with mine, and all of that would be fine. Grr to him, I say.

I just don't like that he gets so flustered with me sometimes, when a lot of times things are not entirely my fault. After all, especially this time around, it is he who is getting closer to ME!

Oh well, I guess I just need to take things as they come, play this game the way that he seems to like to play it. I hate calling this a game, but that is definitely what it is, unfortunately. I mean, if I let him come to me instead of pursuing him, he always comes, every single time. If that is not a game, I don't know what is. I don't think he sees it as such, however. He is cut from a different cloth, that is for certain.


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