All right. Another day down, and it was a big one because it was crazy with lots of running around. But, I got through it, and maybe I am a better woman for it? I hope so. Not only that, but now all of my September 15 work is done. Yes, I know that is today, but I am still pleased to have everything off of my desk now. It is AWESOME.

I have a few things due on October 15, but I have decided to relax a little more today, and get those things done starting tomorrow. I deserve a day to relax. So today is going to be that day. I am going to spend the duration doing nothing. I am just going to relax, sit around, blog, etc. Basically I am going to spend the entire day slacking off.

Then tomorrow I am going to get back at it!

Well, I might as well do a few things today and get them off my plate as things come in. I might as well try and keep at it, and get through things (and be billable!)

I crossed two more things off my list. It is not even 11:30 yet, so admittedly, I am pleased with me. Considering my morning started off a little rough, getting up around 5:15 to go to spinning with Katie, leaving my pills, purse and computer at Jason's and therefore rushing around to try and get it done. Well, I got back to J's and got what I needed to get and am therefore much more calm now. And I am even more calm now that I have several things that were on my list completed.

I naturally still have a few more things that I would like to accomplish today (for instance, I need to get a passport photo taken), but I have made a decent dent in things.

I went and got my photo taken when I went out to get something for lunch, so I am pleased to have that crossed off my list. Now I need to find my birth certificate and actually go and apply for the passport itself. Jason told me that if he moves away, he is going to take me to Europe next summer to appease me. I think he is going to take me to Europe anyway. That kind of lit the fire under my butt about taking care of these things, and so the picture is done. Now I have to find the copy of my birth certificate that my mom got for me so I can take that to the post office and apply for the passport!

Yay for Europe!


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