After yesterday's entry of pseudo-substance, I feel slightly better about my ability to still write. I was beginning to question it will all of my flakey entries about love and garbage like that. I am a writer, dammit. I want to write things of substance. Why is it that when my life sucks, I write things of much better quality.

I am just stressed out I think. Work has been difficult lately as there is a lot going on.

I am getting worried about work. My brain is hurting and I cannot seem to do anything right today. I am getting super stressed about it, which is only making things worse and making it harder for me to get anything done. It is making me make stupid and costly mistakes which is a nightmare for me because then I see something and I am like "Why did I do that that way? That does not even make sense!"

And the unfortunately part about that is that it is happening with a manager that I have not really worked with before. Luckily, I did one other return with her last week, and it had no changes to it. It went directly to Rich. So that was something good. But still, I hate making such a fool of myself.

I am hanging with J tonight.


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