Its Friday! Yahoo for that!

Things are good right now. I had dance rehearsal last night, and the number we are working on right now is a super fun one. It takes place on a pirate ship. We dance with swords, which makes it look really neat (especially when all of the swords are moving together). So I am pretty excited to keep the ball rolling at least with the dancing in this show, because it is really going to be awesome, I think.

Generally, I am having fun. There are some times when I would rather be doing something else, but the good outweighs the bad, I think.

I went to sleep with Jason again last night. Since we are driving to Toledo together today, it made sense for me to leave my car there with him, so we could just head north from downtown. So I got there last night, late, after I went out with my friends. I told him that if he was so concerned, he knew that we were going to Willie's, and he should have gone out there and met us all there. He knows that Thursday night is Willie's night, because he used to come with us pretty often!

So tonight we will be staying at Bruce's house. Tomorrow night we will be staying with my mom. I am kind of pleased at the way things are all turning out and shaping up in these different aspects of my life. I have moments of anxiety, moments of pure panic, but I feel like I am maybe slowly becoming calm enough to handle these moments appropriately. Or my medication is magical. Either way... I mean, I will take it!


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