Another weekend has come and gone. This one was better and far more interesting than most. It was quite busy, and in a good way too!

Friday night Corey had a pure romance party. It was a great time. I had SEVERAL beers, and sat with Corey, and she and I tend to be a bit of the life of the party kind of girls in situations like that. It was one of those situations where it was said, "If I haven't tried it, Emily probably has" said by Corey. And I suppose that was pretty much the truth. We had a ton of fun. I spent too much money (as usual) but I am definitely looking forward to receiving what I purchased!

I think Jason might be rather excited about it himself! At least, I am hopeful, because our sex life has been great for the last few days. Toys, no toys, different positions or standard, everything has been awesome. Which is kind of strange considering he was anti-sex with me just 2 weeks ago because he felt like it was blurring the lines for him when he was trying to figure out how he felt about Jen, etc. Trying to move on and get over her.

It's too soon to bring that up and figure out what happened though. I feel like I need to continue to go with the flow for now. So I am enjoying the time we are spending, which relates to the rest of my weekend.

So I told Jason (he was playing beer pong with his friends while I was at the party) that if he needed a ride home, he should call me. I just wanted to make sure that he got home safely without driving drunk (he does that sometimes). I didn't want him to do that, as the LAST thing he needs is a DUI (or worse, and accident or dying!) So around 1 am he called me. I was still over at the party, so it was not like I had gone home and to bed yet. So I drove over to his friend's house, which was less than five minutes from where I was, so it was not a big deal at all.

I let myself into Josh's house, said hello to him (he was on the couch) and headed down to the basement where the game was going on. I thought it was kind of funny that the homeowner was upstairs and all of the friends were down, but whatever. I got there and remembered the basement from the last time I was there, all the way back in December when Jason and I went to the crosstown shootout together (University of Cincinnati v. Xavier University). We had gone over there for a few rounds of beer pong before the game.

When I got downstairs, Jason was sitting on a stool next to this girl, and he was playing with her phone and talking to her. I know that my eyes got a little angry instantly that he was talking to another girl. He looked up and said, "Oh, you're with me" and immediately stood up to give me the stool. He stood next to me with his hand on my thigh, and introduced me to the girl he was sitting next to and she was a wife of one of the other guys who was there (making me feel much better about him sitting next to and talking to her). She and I got to talking and it turned out she was there for the same reason I was... to drive her drunk significant other home.

Jason was very insistent that I take him to White Castle. I pretty much refused, saying that he was going to really regret that decision in the morning. He said that I had to take him, or he was going to drive himself. So I decided that it would be better to drive him myself and go through White Castle than to let him drive himself. A stomachache in the morning (which he might have anyway) would be far better than a DUI or an accident.

So I went through the drive through at White Castle and got him a few sliders, a coke, and some fries. He pretty much inhaled what I got for him. I drove him home and took him inside. He immediately invited me to stay (what the heck? this is already the second time this week, after he told me he needed some space, and so I ONLY scheduled time with him for Saturday!). When we got in the house and were walking toward the bedroom, he pinned me up against the wall in the hallway and started to kiss me. I told him he had onion breath and he should brush his teeth, which made him laugh and kiss me more, lots of opened mouth kisses. Thank you Jason... Grrr...

He stripped me (and himself) and threw me into bed. For the next two hours we had sex. I can't even say "make love" because it was definitely extremely forceful and really hot. He flipped me around, held me down, had me in nearly every position that I know (and added some new ones), we had to add lube eventually because I was worn out, and he wanted to keep going (so we did!). It was a two hour sex session that did not end in him finishing (because trust me, he might not have been too drunk to get it up, but he was definitely too drunk to finish).

It was amazing.

Saturday we overslept a little bit. He was supposed to be outside by 7:15 am to meet his buddy to go golfing. It was 7:20 when I rolled over and we kissed good morning. He realized then what time it was and shot up. He was ready and out the door in 5 minutes. He left me the keys so I could leave and lock up later on, as long as I promised to be back before he got back (around 2) so I could let him in. But I did have places to go that morning, so I could not just stay around and wait for him (and therefore let him take the keys). He got his golfclubs out of the back of my car, locked it, and was off. I stayed in bed for another twenty minutes, and then left to go to the parade for HSM.

After the parade, I stopped at home to get a few things that I needed for being at Jason's for the rest of the day, and headed back over there. It was a little bit before he was going to be getting home, so I settled back in bed (we had gotten less than three hours of sleep due to our bed gymnastics the night before) and turned on the lifetime movie network. I watched it and rested a bit, and then when it got close to the time he was coming home, I showered and dressed to be ready to see him.

He got home and showered, wanted to play a game of football on his X- Box before we did anything else. I thought that was just fine, and settled myself in, next to him on the couch to relax while he played football. I played on the computer a little and cuddled up close to him until we decided to get on with the evening as we had originally planned.

It involved BJ's Brewhouse (one of our favorite bars), the golf store (Jason had to get things for the golf outing he was putting on today as well as try out a few new wedges), and grocery shopping at Jungle Jim's. We did those things, and the grocery shopping was an interesting experience. It was very much a "team" thing, as though we were shopping for "us" for "our" home. He kept asking me "do you want these? Will you eat this?" It was all very nice and really sweet. He said he was planning on cooking me dinner soon.

When we got home we put all of the groceries and stuff away, and climbed into bed to watch a movie and relax for the remainder of the evening. I watched most of it, but after we kissed and cuddled for a little bit, Jason fell asleep.

Sunday morning, we got up and made love (this time I would call it that), and then we headed off in our separate directions for the day. He had to play golf (had to, ha!) and I had rehearsals and a meeting. He wanted to see me AGAIN that evening though, which I was surprised about. So last night, around 9 (after he got home from golf and I was done with my meeting) I stopped to get ice cream and went over there. We cuddled all night, and made love again this morning before I left for work.

Still not sure what is up, of course, but I am loving us.


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