So I have pretty much been sucking at updating this thing. Sorry about that. I am eventually going to get better at it and try and fill everyone in on my life and how things are more often. I guess I might say that a lot, huh? Well, maybe one of these times I will actually follow through.

I'll start with now, and then go back to last weekend, as Jason and I took a trip!

When I woke up this morning I had an email from my friend Becca. It was letting me know that there was a board meeting at Acting Up last night, and I was nominated (and then elected) to serve on their board. I am really excited about it, and it is something I was interested in anyway, so the fact that they were interested in adding me to their group is exciting, I think. I am working with them for the first time on HSM right now, being the assistant vocal director, which is a rather minor role, but it is giving me the opportunity to test the waters a little to see how I fit in on the production side of things.

I responded to her this morning with a few questions relating to my responsibilities as a board member, as well as asking what made them decide to ask me rather than anyone else if they were looking for a board member. After all, this is my very first show that I am involved with in this group. She responded with the fact that I am young and therefore offer a unique perspective. By that, she meant that I am not a parent of a child participating, like so many of them are. I will not bring any sort of bias for my own children to the table. I have a background in music, as well as lots of theater experience, and so I can probably bring something to the table on the production side as well. And I have my accounting background, which will help any group, so why not be chair of the finance committee or treasurer or something?

So yeah, I am going to say yes, I think. I am kind of excited to get the ball rolling!

I am just now having a little bit of a work issue. I apparently have a hard time interpreting what people are saying when they are talking to me and helping me out by giving directions. So yesterday, Lisa brought me some review points to clear on a return that we have been working on together. So she mentioned one in particular that was partially an open item (we don't yet have all information) but partially something that we could move forward on. So she explained to me the part that had what I could work on in it, and I wrote it down. I wrote it down to make sure that I did not forget what she said and so I could get it right as I don't want to get another set of review notes (I hate that, and I am really trying to do things better than I used to, trying
to improve).

Apparently, I misinterpreted what I said and what I wrote down. And so when I went to explain to her the problem I was having she looked at me like I was an idiot. And then when I tried to defend what I did and had written down, she again looked at me like I was an idiot. *sigh* I am really working hard here, and sometimes I think you cannot tell that I am doing that at all, which is terribly frustrating to me.

So last Thursday at about 3 pm, Jason and I got in the car and headed west. Almost directly west, until we hit the Mississippi River. St. Louis, to be specific.

It was about a 5 hour drive for us. And once you get through Indianapolis, there is NOTHING the rest of the way. We had some good music though, and we were both singing and dancing in our seats. So it was a good drive despite being kind of boring as far as scenery goes.

When we got there we checked into our hotel. We were staying at the Marriott at Union Station, which is the old train station in the city. It has been converted into the hotel and a little mall with a lot of kind of stupid shops (but a few decent restaurants. We took our stuff up to our room, where Jason immediately jumped onto the bed and beckoned to me, even though we were both hungry! We kissed for a few minutes and then decided we better go get something to eat as it was 9 pm in Cincinnati (only 8 in St. Louis).

Jason like to go to Hard Rock in whatever city he is in and he collects pint glasses (or pilsner glasses) from all of them. The Hard Rock in St. Louis was right at our hotel. So we walked through the little mall to the other side and went there. We figured it was close, we could have a beer, and Jason could get his glass, and then we could go home and go to bed. We were wiped out.

As anyone who has been there knows, Hard Rock is not necessarily famed for their food. It certainly is more for the atmosphere. And the prices sucked too.

On Friday morning, Jason wanted to go play golf. I rode along with him in the cart and took some pictures of him playing. He did not play particularly well for several reasons, all of which he justified to me on the way home while we were driving home. Once we got there, we decided to take a quick nap (it was amazing how tired we got doing things on this trip!) and then walk around and find some lunch. After lunch, we went to the arch and bought tickets for Saturday morning. We kind of hung out for a while, just sitting on the steps toward the river, looking around and resting in the sunshine.

We went to the Cardinals baseball game after that, as that was one of the major reasons that we went to St. Louis in the first place - its proximity to baseball. We got beers immediately upon entering the stadium and continued to drink all night. I have a feeling that is responsible for what happened later...

After the game we met Jason's cousin and his fiancee at a bar near the stadium. They were in town for a wedding. We met them, and then Jason and Chris disappeared for like a half hour. By the time we found them, we were rather irritated. Admittedly, this might have been out of line as they waited in line at the bar for a while, but to be truthful, I was just drunk and exhausted. So i told him that I wanted to go home. I said upfront that he did not have to come with me, it was only a 5 block walk, but I just wanted to go home and go to bed. Naturally, he was all "being a gentleman" and had to walk me home, make sure I was safe, etc. But that made him upset. We were both fired up and there was a bit of yelling going on and it was coming from both sides. I got a few things off my chest and he did too, I think.

After us both passing out, we made love the next morning, and apologized to each other for some of the things we said. It seemed ok then.

We went to the arch, checked out a brewery for lunch, went to anheuser-busch, visited forest park, took a really long nap, and went to westport to check out a few sports bars to eat dinner.
Sunday was more baseball and much more intoxication. We drank from noon till 7. First at the game, then we went to hooters and drank a few more pitchers. then we went home and had some really intense... and it was almost like I passed my intoxication on to him through it. He seemed fine (and I could hardly stand) and then he seemed drunk. It was pretty funny. We went to one of the restaurants in the hotel to have some appetizers for dinner, then we turned on a movie and passed out. Not a very involved or special vacation, but awesome anyway...

I'll get some pictures on here soon.


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