I have (if it is not obvious) been enjoying writing here lately. I like that fact that I don't think anyone that I know reads this ever! It is nice to be able to say what I am thinking/feeling without being in fear of some kind of repercussion or judgment. I am afraid of that sometimes, even if it might be silly.

I have therapy this afternoon. Considering how badly I needed it two weeks ago, I am feeling pretty ok this time. Granted, that last time Jason and I were in the middle of a gigantic blowout of a fight then. I am not sure how to talk about that at therapy this week. Obviously everything has calmed down since then. Things have become really good since then, even. We did the family thing at home, we have had a good sex life, nothing seems to be bad... Granted, we are still not "together" or anything, but we are back to normal and relatively happy, I think. We are still leaving for vacation on Thursday, etc.

I am not sure about this relationship sometimes, just because I know it is the kind of thing that my therapist (probably any therapist) would question. I don't want people to question these things, especially because my gut feeling is that this is right. Don't people always say that you need to go with your gut about things? And here I am trying to.

I mean, after all, the reason he was mad was because he was jealous, even though he is calling it disrespect. I mean, that is a little ridiculous to say that is what it was. I mean, simply put, it was jealousy as that is all that it could be. I mean, we aren't even a couple, so how can you say that I was being disrespectful of you or our relationship somehow? That is just silly!

Grr... The situation frustrates me a little. I am ready to move forward. But patience, em, patience...

I suck at being patient.

On the way home from the therapist though, I am going to stop at Jungle Jim's (a gigantic grocery store with just about anything you could imagine!) and see if I can find any ginger beer for Jason to take with us on our trip. He has kind of been on the lookout for that since seeing some advertisement in his golfing magazine. So he wants a "dark & stormy" which is a ginger beer mixed with with this dark rum. He has the rum already (I got it for him in Toledo), but we have not been able to find a ginger beer yet.


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