I am stressing out. I am always stressing out. I mean, I get that this is "business as usual" for me, but dammit, I think it stinks.

Today I have to meet with my new team leader as well as one of the partners - one that I used to work with at my old firm sometimes. I am a little bit nervous about the whole thing, because I am always nervous when I have to meet with a partner and I am not entirely sure what it is about. The subject on the meeting request was "work schedule". Now I am not sure if that is "let's hammer emily because she leaves at 4 sometimes", or if it's "you're on a new member to this team, so let's talk about how things are done and see if we can better integrate you." I am hoping for number 2.

Wow. Now that it is over, I can say, it was neither of those two things. I was being presented with a new opportunity. I will be mostly working with the non-profit team, and kind of becoming an expert there, which will give me a HUGE chance to be moving up quickly (provided I can pass the stupid exam!) which is kind of what I have always been looking for. Not necessarily the chance to go quickly, but the definite opportunity to get face time with with partners, etc.


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