A real entry...

So yes, my hair is black now. On Friday evening I went to the salon and had all of the color stripped from my hair from 10+ years of regular coloring, and black is where I ended up. I knew it was this color, it has just been been a VERY long time since I have seen it. And there was a little more gray than I would have liked to see on myself, considering I am only 25, so I did get that covered. :)

On Saturday, I was just hanging out, in the morning. I woke up earlier than I expected to, and lazed around until around 10:30, and then I drove up to the storage facility where Mason (the group putting on Scrooge) builds their sets and stores everything. They were needing some help with building and painting and everything, so I was more than willing to get up there and give a hand. Plus, it was a good chance to see M because I knew he would be there!

I wound up helping with some paper mache, which was enough to make me giggle. I mean, I grew up using the flour and water paste and tearing newspaper strips because my mom was always making the pinata every year. She always says (jokingly, mostly) when people ask why we have a pinata, that it is to celebrate our Mexican heritage. Obviously, we are not Mexican, but it makes people laugh when she says it, as she is so deadpan in her delivery.

So I covered an exercise ball in newspaper strips (don't ask me why she was using her exercise ball rather than a giant balloon!), which is going to later be turned into a turkey. A gigantic turkey that Scrooge purchases for the Cratchits. I would really like to be the one to continue to construct the turkey, as I do have a lot of experience because of these pinatas, but I know Kally does a lot of it during the day while I am at work. So that makes it kind of tough to really invest my time helping out. But we had a lot of fun while we were there, and we got a lot done. So things are definitely coming along with the set and such now.

I was there for a few hours, and yes, M was there too. On the way home, I stopped at this antique store that I saw on my way out there. My mom and I are collecting antique Christmas ornaments and making them into wreaths for friends and stuff. She made one for herself last year, and it turned out very cool, so I am making one for some of my friends for next year. So I stopped to see if they had any. Mom has generally been getting them on ebay, but has occasionally found some at the antique shops, so I figured I would stop and see. No luck, but now I know, right?

Saturday night was the pirate party. My friend Bryan went as Jack Sparrow, and I as a very sexy Elizabeth. At least, that is what Bryan spent the entire night calling me. We had a blast. No M (as he is lame and I am about to give up on him) which left Bryan and I texting him at the party saying Will Turner lost his chance, etc, so that was funny.

Not sure where to go next...

I still really like him, quite a lot. I just have no clue what he is thinking.

Bryan walked me to my car as I was leaving the pirate party on Saturday night. He seemed really worried that I was going to be very sad (as in, might cry even!) because M didn't show up at the party and I had such high hopes for the evening. I did have very high hopes (I guess that is just my style) but I certainly was not going to cry or anything. I was not THAT upset. But darn it, I wanted to get everything figured out really badly so I would know how to continue on. Grr...


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