I have decided in an attempt to divide my life (since I don't really want a lobotomy), I am going to write strictly about doctors, meds and moods in my other blog. This one will be for men, rehearsals, life in general. That way I will be keeping them both up to date in general, and I will have a division. Somewhere to go no matter what strikes me.

So here is my regular, standard, write an entry journal/blog-ness.

So things with M are still up in the air. I am still not sure what he is thinking or what it is that he wants from me. I feel like I have made it quite clear that I want him. If I have not, I am going to speak about it very directly at the party on Saturday night, provided that he comes to it. Meaning, he better come to it. He mentioned it to me briefly yesterday, and so I am assuming he at least is considering it.

Last night he asked if we could save a seat by us for him at Willie's (the bar we always go to on Thursday nights). We did not save him a seat last week, and he was pretty upset over it because it stuck him at a different table with some people that we don't really like all that much. Poor guy. Well, so I basically told him (since I now hold the power) that if he wanted me to save him a seat at the "cool kids table" that he would have to go to the pirate party. I have yet to get a response to that.

C and I are... well, we are what we are. There is really no way to look at us and slap a definition on to us. I mean, we have such a weird relationship that there is pretty much no way that anyone outside of us can understand it. Hell, I don't even understand us! I just know that the sex has always been so great it is a really tough thing to question. I mean, wow. We really do have that down, even though we have nothing else some of the time. Most of the time. Hell, C makes me crazy! But I still want him... Pretty much all the time...


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