Rehearsal last night... That is a pretty standard thing for me these days. I am rehearsing about 4 nights per week now, as opening is only 3 weeks away. We ran the majority of the show. Granted, we don't have an orchestra or even an accompanist at this point (stressing me out a little bit...) but we did get through quite a bit of things with the CD and such last night.

I had a dreadful moment of panic relating to my body image though. At the very end of the show in the closing number, there are the 4 "couples", Moonie and Bonnie, Evelyn and Reno, Hope and Billy, and Whitney and Mrs. Harcourt. So obviously that puts Claude and I together. Now Claude is a tiny guy. I mean, he is probably like an inch taller than me, and probably weighs about 5 lbs more, at the most, and I am a thin girl. Now I was supposed to sing a line, and then jump into his arms. So we ran it like that a few times. But apparently my fat ass is too heavy for him, because the second time we did it last night before we started he told me not to jump. So I didn't. And now we aren't doing it anymore.

So yeah... Here I am doing all of these tracking things in an attempt to get myself in the best shape of my life, and Claude can't even pick me up in a basket catch? Dammit.

At least Mark could lift me. We did a little work with "Let's Step Out" last night as well, and so he got a chance or two to show off the fact that he could lift me, so at least someone can so I didn't feel like a total fat ass.


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