I went over my alloted yesterday, and I am quite disappointed in myself for doing so. It was the fact that around 4 pm I got hungry and ate a bunch of combos. I would have been great if it hadn't been for that.

But I was pretty close despite that, so today will be better. Today will be lighter.

I know I probably sound ridiculous. I only weigh 115 lbs and am 5'6". That is not fat in any way, shape or form. I know this. But it does not mean that I am comfortable with myself being this way. I'm not. I just feel... soft.

Last night was three hours of dance. It was a decent rehearsal, considering the fact that it was the first one we had an accompanist for. Lara came to go through the cuts in the music and play a bit for us. I am so glad she was there, because I hadn't looked at anything hardly myself. So we got several of the more difficult songs looked at and taken care of.

I was proud of myself because when I got up there to do my song, I decided I was just going to sing. I wasn't going to worry about the accompaniment, I wasn't going to worry about the rest of the chorus singing with me, I was just going to do it. And so that is what I did. The song started and I just went with it. It turned out to be the first one that we didn't have to run twice. I wanted to run it a second time because Becca added a few character things for me that I wanted to work on, but we didn't need to. So that was fantastic.

We finally felt like we got blow gabriel in a decent place as well, which is good because Georgiana and I felt like we were the only two who were singing the first time we ran through it. And so then, we picked it apart and ran through it in pieces. I felt okay with my part in the beginning but now I feel more strong in it, now that the way that I had been singing it was confirmed.

Okay, besides my "diet" and the show...

B. I talked to him finally last night. He text me on Tuesday, then called Wednesday (but I was still rehearsing) and left me a voice mail. He said that he was going to play poker with the guys, but definitely wanted to get together over the weekend. Actually, he didn't say that he definitely wanted to get together, he said he would "love to see me". So I sent him a text saying that I didn't want to interrupt poker night, but give me a call and we'll find some time for each other this weekend.

So last night we figured out the only time that we both have available is Sunday afternoon, so we are definitely going to get together then. I am really excited. I like this guy a whole lot.


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