So I have kind of been messing around on this blog here, trying to figure out how it works, trying to see how I like it, trying to do all of those things... So far, so good. I figured out how to make posts from my mobile phone, which is neat.

So I like it.

I had lunch today out with the entire tax department for someone's birthday. We went to Montgomery Inn (the Boathouse). I haven't been there in forever. It was delicious, but I am certainly feeling very very full right now. I am having some tea in hopes of helping to clear out that fullness. It usually works pretty well.

Right now I am beginning to price out cable and internet for my house. I don't have it right now, but I should be getting it soon. It looks like Time Warner is the way to go, despite the fact that I really was not sure that was something that I wanted to do this time around. But I looked at Direct TV, and it just wasn't the same as far as internet service goes, which I really need. I'll take care of it eventually.

I just got some work from Brett. My favorite manager. It is actually the very first return that I reviewed. I am pretty proud of myself because I did a good job with it! It only has cosmetic things that need changes still, which means overall, I did an excellent job on my very first review. Hooray for that.

Chris drove my car to work today because he is the sweetest boyfriend ever, and he is taking it to get an oil change after work for me. He is even paying for it, because the other day, I filled his gas tank for him. So that will be one less thing for me to worry about. I had been planning on doing it for a really long time, but jiffy lube type places are always closing at 6, and I don't get home from work even until almost then, so I just hadn't had a chance! So since I am coming in from downtown, and Chris from Blue Ash, he figured he could take care of it for me this time. What a good guy.

It is about 3:07 pm. Less than 2 hours until I have reached the end of the day. I will have to stop at the ATM on my way out today to pick up some cash so I can park my car downtown tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have to drive to work rather than taking the bus because I am leaving early to go and pick up Chris at work. Then from there we will be driving up to Columbus to stay at his Aunt and Uncle's house over night. They got Chris tickets to see Barry Manilow at Nationwide Arena for Christmas. This will be the second time in a month that we have seen him in concert.

The last time was around mid-January and we saw him in Chicago. After spending a day in that city, we decide that next year towards the end of January, we will be moving out there. Together.

With everything that has been going on at work, that is seeming more and more like it is one of the best ideas that we have ever had. It is going to be pertinent for me to get out of Cincinnati eventually, I think, if I want to continue my career here. It is one of those things that I did not want to have to start thinking about so soon, unfortunately, it has become essential. Things are a little bit too tight around here for my liking, especially with my 10-year plan in mind.


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