We went to Barry Manilow last night. The concert this time was actually different then the one we saw a month ago. I actually liked this one a little better.

Awkward moment though. Chris got a text from Dacy, a girl he dated briefly saying, "Should I call you so you can hear Barry Manilow?" She was there too! And this is a girl that I know as well, because she was in the theatre group that I met Chris in. We kind of tried to keep things about us hush hush over the summer because of how many of the girls had been interested in him. There really were a few and we just kind of fell into each other.

Obviously when I caught sight of her as he and I were leaving, that was a little weird. But it was okay. She didn't come over or anything.

We stayed at his aunt and uncle's house. They were very hospitable. They put us up in their guest room in the spare bed. It was pretty comfortable. Not as comfortable as his new bed or as mine, but not bad at all for just one night. They drove us from their house to the arena downtown and then picked us up when it was over so we did not have to worry about parking or anything else.

We really enjoyed the concert. Our seats were great, Barry was on, he sang this song from his newest album called Forever and a Day. It's a beautiful song. He sang it as his encore. He did sing that one as the encore at the Chicago show as well.

When we got home, we watched a Barry Manilow concert DVD. We also had some pizza for a late night dinner. Terrible for us, I know, but it was what was convenient.

We had a really good conversation when we went to bed. Tax related. It was important. I am happy.


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