Valentine's day

Tuesday, I couldn't write here about how stressed out I was feeling. But I was. And I really wanted to see Katie, I needed her.

Of course, when I needed my friend the other day, she was no where to be found. We did not end up getting together and I wound up spending my evening browsing Half Price Books. Now, generally, this is not a problem. I love the bookstore. Especially a decently large bookstore. I can spend hours at one, just browsing. Picking up things because I need them, and then putting them back down again as I have talked myself out of it. Probably the fact that I have the ability to talk myself out of things is a good thing. Although generally, when we're talking HPB (and they really are half price!) it is a little easier to justify things in my mind.

So I came home with 4 books. Atonement, as I have been dying to read it since no one will go to the movie with me. Chris hates Keira Knightly, so that is his reasoning, plus my little bro who works at the movie theatre and has yet to steer us wrong in movie selection, didn't really like it. And even the girls I cannot seem to convince. The Lords of Discipline, this is the 3rd copy of this book I own. I always lend it out to a guy that I am seeing or might be seeing because it is one of my favorite books ever, and then we stop seeing each other. That is how I lost the first two copies. One to Derek, and one to Dan. A Shopaholic book, a guilty pleasure. And something else.... I can't believe I can't remember!

Now, as I hear from Katie later, I know that she had a doctor's appointment. Now, I knew that going in. But while going to the doc usually sucks, I am usually up for dinner out with my friend. So naturally, when she told me that she wasn't up for it because of the test she had at the doctor, I was a little miffed. I really needed her. I needed someone to talk to who wasn't Chris. Chris is great for listening, honestly, but I needed to hear someone else's opinion on everything.
I may have jumped the gun a little in my being upset with her thing though. The test she had was actually a pretty major one as they discovered a growth on one of her ovaries when they did an ultrasound. Now, she doesn't have the results back yet, but I guess that would be a little nerve-wracking, a little stressful. I guess I can't blame her too much.

So anyway, it is Valentine's Day, and for once, I am in a very solid, very good relationship. How happy does that make me? We aren't celebrating or anything today, we'll maybe have a date next weekend. Chris is broke right now, since he just started his new job and he hasn't gotten paid yet, so he said he can't get me a gift. Not that it is important to get a gift. Ha ha. I am full of it. Girls are big on Valentine's Day. I truly have only ever heard guys (or single girls) say that Valentines is a crap holiday.

Speaking of my past relationships... Jon is coming over on Saturday afternoon to see my new place, bring Reagan over for a visit, and to help me get my wireless internet up and running. I have a router and such, and the cable guy is coming early afternoon to get the cable hooked up. And for as many times as I have watched Jon set up things like that, I still have no idea how to do it. And to be truthful, Chris is useless at things like that. I know more about it than he does. It's okay though. He did help me with a few things that I know nothing about. You know, negotiating a better monthly rate on my apartment, taking my car to a decent place (not jiffy lube) for an oil change...

I recently came to the realization that maybe it is a good thing that Chris and I took such a long time to be "official." I mean, we have both accepted the fact that we have been "together" since July (we decided that would be when we have our anniversary, not in January), but maybe it was good. It made it look as though I didn't rush into something immediately after my break up with Jon, even though we started seeing each other right around that time. At least I didn't jump into anything immediately serious?

So my boss loaned me a book today. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. I am sure a lot of people have read it. It seems to be really popular. He and I were talking books the other day (we are both huge nerds) and I asked him for recommendations, and he said this one. He said he was a little embarrassed about it because it is a book that you usually find in the "teen girl" section of the bookstore. (He also recommended one found in romance. He said he bought the first in the series when it was like in a "new release" section, and he didn't know where he would find the second.)

So he just came over here to talk to me about the book, because he has a post-it taped to the back. He wanted to explain that to me. He said that he put it there because he wanted his wife to read the book, and if she saw the word "vampire" on it anywhere she wouldn't be interested. So he covered that up with a post-it. He cracks me up.

He and I continued to talk about books for a little, and I commented on the fact that he often will start a book, then he will decide he doesn't like it for whatever reason and stop reading it. So today he had to give me an example of a book he read that he had to put down. He told me what was going on in the book, and I have got to be honest. I would have put it down too. That is terrible! He was mostly upset because he felt like there should be some kind of warning on the cover about what goes on in the book!

So yeah, that's all I've got for now!

Happy Valentine's Day!


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