Sunday morning, after an easy Saturday night

Last night Chris called me around 5:30 to say "come on over." So I got my gym clothes on and headed over to his place. He was pretty much waiting outside for me when I got there, ready to go, which never ever happens with him. He usually still in his dress clothes sitting around, on the phone or on his laptop, not at all ready to go to the gym.

So we worked out for just under an hour, since the gym was closing, and got our chest and triceps workout done.

Then I dropped him off at home to run to the store. My cat apparently tore a small hole in his sheets when she was visiting the other day. So I told him I would get him a new set of sheets.

Off to JCPenney I went. I picked up the sheets for him, I got a set for Chris's mom that she had mentioned needing at one point in time, I even called her for the first time to make sure that it was accurate and that she was interested. I got two ties for Chris as well.

I miss him today.


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