So I read the second Twilight book in its entirity last night. Well, okay, I guess not all last night. I started it at lunch time yesterday. I am really loving these books. I bought copies for myself last week on B& and they are supposed to be delivered today. So if my boss doesn't bring me the third today, I just have to wait until I get home to get it. But darn it, I am wanting to read it right now!

I am supposed to go out with Katie tonight and meet her high school best friend (whose name also happens to be Katie) who is another member of the wedding party. Naturally, since it is Katie, we are supposed to meet at Starbucks, but, if you haven't heard the news, Starbucks, every single location in the country, is closing at 5:30 today. It is only for the evening, so there is no reason to panic.,2933,332594,00.html

But of course no Starbucks tonight does create some kind of panic in Katie. I can just hear her freaking out as I tell her starbucks is closing tonight. And I don't even have time to tell her that they'll be open again in the morning. Cause she has to hurry and call her mother because this is absolutely awful news! Eh, I'll send her an email before she has a heart attack over it.

So yesterday's phone call... It went pretty well I think. It was with someone from HR. It was more of a chance for her to get to know me better and therefore know where to place me as far as which section of tax (since they have more than one department.) Of course, it is busy season, and so things are not going to move as quickly as they normally would on something like this. I let her know that I completely understand that, and that it would be bad form to make a move in the middle of busy season, but the opportunity came up and I had to take it.

So she is going to pass on my information to the tax managing partner over there. She said she should hear something back from him by the end of the week, and it will be much easier for us to talk next steps at that point.

So all of that is good, I suppose. It is really all that I can ask at this point. She wanted to talk to me before passing on my information so she could better understand where I was coming from and what I wanted to get from this switch. We established that it is great that I am an experienced hire with two years under my belt, and that since I am coming from a background of work that is similar to what they do, those are both very big strengths that I have. So until the end of the week, I'll just have to work hard here (when there is work to be done!) and wait it out.

Of course, I made a huge dent in my work for the week yesterday, and now have not a whole hell of a lot to do today. What kind of busy season is this? The managers keep saying "next week, next week" and every time next week comes, we get NOTHING! It is honestly starting to worry me. There is not anything to be doing now, and we have a deadline coming up very very soon. Gosh darn it. This really sucks.

I got the print copies of the Christmas picture of Chris and I finally. I put them in the cheapy frames that I bought at Wal-mart. I gave one to him, which is on his desk at the office. The other one of me that he has there is more hidden because it is us more-or-less making out onstage. But before I gave it to him I showed him two pictures, and he didn't like the one, so the making out one was the best choice!

So did anyone else see that Victoria's Secret Swim is now in a ton of stores? Here it is not in the one downtown, but I totally understand that. That one is not that busy ever. But the other two that I have been to around here are carrying it. Sweet! Definitely where I am buying this summer's bikini for me and Chris's vacation that we are not taking, and therefore will be sitting in the sun on his back deck. Eh, at least we might have an evening to do this...

I hadn't even thought of the consequences on my vacation time of leaving this job. I have some time built up around here, that I am going to be losing. I wonder how all of that works at the other firm... Oh well, I have to keep remembering the positives of this decision. I have talked myself into and out of it so many times now. One minute I have a million strong arguments for wanting to change. The next I am terrified because I am afraid that by leaving here, I am giving up. That is probably a silly thought.

Last night I actually cried to Chris about it though. The fact that this place gave me a chance when I was a student, when no one else wanted me. So in my mind, part of me thinks, "How could I leave the only place that gave me a chance?" On the other hand, my experiences here have led me to believe that I might certainly be better off elsewhere. Somewhere that I am more utilized. Somewhere that I am treated better. Its not that the management has treated me poorly, they have been 100% supportive of me. Its the issues with the other staff. How can I work in an environment like this. Chris thinks that the way that they have been treating me borders on harassment.

I don't know that it goes that far, but who knows. I just know that they certainly make me feel bad about myself and bad about the work that I do, even when it is extremely high-quality work, and no one should make me feel that way.

So I am making the right decision.


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