My decision

So everyone who comments on this journal seems to have the same idea as Chris. Which I guess means that it is a good idea.

Pretty much everyone that I have talked to has agreed that I don't deserve this. That I have worked way too hard to be treated like this. And this is before anyone on here knew about the most recent thing.

It has been brought to my attention that the "boys club" of the office hates me. Now, I have had my suspicions about that for quite some time. Pretty much for the entire two plus years that I have worked here, I thought maybe they did not like me. And now, with a few words from a few people, I know it is the truth.

The reasoning behind it is stupid. And every single person (Jennifer, Chris, Katie) whom I have told their reasoning to agrees that it is pretty stupid.

They get mad because I go home at 5 pm when I am not too busy. Now, that might automatically sound silly to some people because isn't 5 pm traditionally when the work day ends? Yes, this is quite true. Of course, in public accounting the world is a little bit different, a little bit more flexible, schedule-wise. When we are not busy, I get here around 7:30. I take my lunch, usually less than my allowed hour, and then go home at 5. If we are busy, my start time is the same, but I stay as late as I need to. I have only been here past midnight twice, usually I am home by 10 pm or so.

I work. I work all day. I sit at my desk and plow through whatever projects I may have at any given time. I don't stop and take breaks to sit and relax in the lunch room with ESPN on, I don't hang out by the big windows in the front of the office to look at the stadium, I do occasionally get on here and write an entry. Typically though, that is only when I do not have any work in front of me. Like today. If I am busy, you won't hear from me, or it will be just a short entry.

Obviously there is some bitterness in that last paragraph. This is because I operate that way, and that is why I feel like I can go home at 5. Now those that hate me for it do not operate like that. They roll in at 10 or 11, they do all of the things that I said I don't do. Watching ESPN in the lunchroom in the afternoon for a half hour or so, take lunches that are at least an hour long, often times longer, and all of that. Yes, they are here after 5 every day. But if you treat your day the way that they do, of course you are going to have to stay late, just to get your 8 hours of work in!

But yeah, that is why they hate me.

And so I have contacted my friends at one of the other big firms here in town. I was planning on having lunch with them on Friday to kind of begin to explore my options at their firm. But then, one of them jokingly mentioned, "hey you should work here so I can get a referral bonus," I decided it was the right time to tell them.

Within a half an hour of this, I had updated my resume, sent it on (using my personal email address of course), heard from someone in HR there, and set up a phone interview for Monday at lunchtime.

I'm very excited. And I truly know it is the best move I can make right now. I also know that it might put a hold on our plans to move to Chicago for a little while, because I would feel like I needed to be in Cincinnati for at least a year before I could ask for a transfer, but who knows? Maybe in a different place with consistent work and more opportunities, I wouldn't feel the need to leave so soon.

So now, my lunch on Friday will be to get their impressions of the company so I know how to appraoch the interview. You know, I can't approach it with the "I hate where I am" attitude. There has to be something special about this company that makes me want to work there rather than where I am now. You know?


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