Monday, Monday. Yuck, another week. Although things at work should be beginning to pick up so the time might fly just a little bit faster this week than it has for the past several. At least I am hoping that is what happens. It is more than halfway through February now. A lot of people that I know are already getting their tax refunds by now (myself included) and we have a major deadline on March 15. Why can't our clients get us stuff on time?

I forgot to mention yesterday that I played the piano (not just plucking things out) for the first time in a very long time this weekend. I think I might have shocked Chris a little. I had kind of been reviewing music in my head recently. He knows I read music, but he also knows how long it has been since I have had to read anything other than a soprano line in any music. And little by little, all of those memories have started to come back to me.

I miss piano. I really would love to spend some quality time at Chris's house by myself with my old music from my lessons. But I would really like to be by myself there, for this practice, as I know it is going to take me a really long time and a whole lot of flubs before I manage to produce any kind of quality sound again. And one of his roommates was a music major in college and happens to play quite well (in fact, they have TWO baby grands in their house right now) so I wouldn't want him to hear me making a million mistakes.

Speaking of Barry Manilow.... Katie told me yesterday that she officially heard on NPR that he is gay. Not that there was any doubt in my mind, but it was one of those things that was really never spoken about. According to Chris, he isn't one that often speaks about his personal life. So craziness. I told Chris that when I talked to him last night. Katie wanted to know if that would change Chris's opinion of him at all. Chris said, "I am glad that after 62 years, he can finally admit it."

I got a 40% off coupon to Borders in my email this morning. Woo hoo! I am a huge fan of any excuse I can muster up to buy books. Seriously. I have the B&N membership, so I always save there, so it takes a decent coupon from the Borders rewards program to get me to take a second look, and 40% definitely does it for me. So I am torn between three different books right now. I'll probably get the most expensive of the three. I mean, cause then I will be saving the most!

So one of the big things discussed in the Emily and Chris conversation the other day was the fact that he wants to get out of debt this year. I can completely relate to that, as that is definitely a goal that I have for myself for the next year. And that is why he is still going to be working at KI this summer. And that is what sparked all of the trouble and conversations in the first place. I mean, this guy has property management, his full-time job, real estate sales, and KI. I mean, where do I fit it?

He said that he is not going to put me off this summer, although it is going to be difficult and really busy. I feel like I have no choice but to try and trust this. What else can I do?


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