Friday, whew...

So I am wearing what I believe to be a very cute outfit today. I am pretty proud of myself to be honest. A little gray, strapless tulip dress from the Gap last summer, cute black tights that are patterned, a black cardigan (no strapless dresses at work!), and some black and red polka dotted shoes. It was an attempt to get the boyfriend to find me irresistible. I know that he does sometimes, but there are a lot of times when he looks so amazing compared to me. He is big on dress clothes, and only owns one pair of jeans, which he never wears, whereas I live in sweaters and jeans!

He saw me this morning in it before I left, but I had no shoes on, so it wasn't the complete package. Plus, he was still pretty much sleeping when I left, so he might not have noticed too much anyway. Plus he was pretty distracted with Frodo who is at his house until I can take her home tomorrow. Thank goodness he is such a great guy. I don't know what I would do if he wasn't willing to let the cat stay at his house while they are spraying for bugs at my place! I mean, they don't even know that I have a cat, because it was going to be an additional $300 non-refundable deposit. I mean, that is crap. What if there aren't any stains in the carpet or anything that really needs to be cleaned up or taken care of? Then I am out $300!

So my sweet boyfriend is letting her stay there so they can come in today. Thank goodness.

I am excited about the concert tonight. I know it is nerdy and Fanilow-like of me to be excited, but I mean, Chris has taken me to two out of three of the concerts that I have ever been to. nd they have both been Barry Manilow (the only other one I saw was last summer... Counting Crows, Collective Soul, and Live. Despite being kind of an old guy, Barry Manilow really does put on a wonderful show.

I am getting sick, I think. A sinus infection maybe. I have pain behind my eyes. Isn't that usually a sinus thing?

Unfortunately because I am feeling so sick in the head, I am really not focusing on my work at all today. I don't have a whole lot to be doing anyway, but I should get done what I have.

I really need to stop and think about work. What am I going to do? Let's take it one thing at a time. It is just really hard because I am considering leaving the city, but I don't think I can do it alone again. I mean, I already picked up and left my whole life behind once when I moved here. I left my family, my friends, my home, my lack of expenses to come here, alone. I mean, I am adjusted now, but I am not sure if I can do that again or not.

Going to Chicago, provided I had a roommate would be more do-able than most cities because of the fact that I do have some friends there at least. Anne is there, Adam, Cara, their friends - whom I know would accept me into their lives. And of course my high school friend John. He has already said that I should let him know if the move is something that I am seriously considering...

But then there is Chris. As of now, he says the move is a very real possibility for him. I guess that is as good as I can get for the moment. I mean, it is something that we were saying "in a year" about, so I guess we have until fall to figure it out for sure. But then, with everything that has been going on here with work, it sometimes feels like a decision will need to be made sooner. But we had a plan. I have to stick to the plan.

I guess if things fall apart here before a year from now, I just interview for jobs in Chicago with other companies. I look to the other firms for help. I mean, if I am moving, I have a lot of options, I figure. There are lots of firms in Chicago. Some extremely large, some not-so-large. So I just have to think about it when fall rolls around.

Actually, my friend Erica from BG might turn out to be something of a help when the time comes. She lives there and works for a firm there. It is one of the smaller firms, but I can't remember which one it is. So I should certainly consider sending her an email to see if she can help hook me up! An interview would actually be great. So that would be insanely helpful.

I can't believe I hadn't even thought of that before!

So today ends Chris's first week of having the standard 8-5 job that I have been working myself for the last 2 and a half years. I think he likes the job so far, but he is kind of weirded out about the routine of it. I mean, it is very weird at first to not be at home in the middle of the day, being able to get your cleaning done and such. I mean, when I first graduated from college and started my job at CSC, it was awful. I hated the routine of it. But it wasn't long before I had adjusted and started loving the fact that it gave me something to plan the rest of my life around. Those things (working, I mean) were set in stone, and it was easy then to know exactly what I wanted and what I thought.

So, that is all I've got for right now. I should maybe try and work, at least for a little while...


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