calm, cool, and collected... strange, but good.

Today is a good day. It is getting a little warmer out. I have no idea if it will be staying warm like this, but the weather makes me feel way better. I need warmth. I need sunshine. And I am considering moving to Chicago? Ha!

Chris and I had a fantastic and important conversation yesterday. There were tears, and not just from me this time. Chris cried too. That is how involved of a conversation it was. And as bad as I felt for making him cry, it made me feel better because I know how much he cares about me because of it.

We're good. Finally everything has been said. Finally everything has been talked about it. We are 100% on the same page. Neither of us is going to cast the other off. We have the same goals. The same drive, the same ambition. This is new for him, because he has never dated a girl before who really had career goals or aspirations. I actually said that to him, which I think hurt a little. But he agreed with me. His last girlfriend moved to Florida for a job. But it was to be a Hooters girl. And its not like there is anything wrong with being that, but I want to be a partner at a major accounting firm, and she wants to be a Hooters girl. So yeah, big difference there.

He agreed with me. I said that I thought that would be a positive thing, having that in common. Because then we will both be more understanding about each others jobs and careers. And that is true. We have that understanding, but because of this, he has dated a few girls who might be considered doormats. And I am anything but. So we have that issue.

Its resolved. We know what the other person expects/wants/needs now. And although it might seem like we are always having problems, we just never get everything out. We never have the time to really hash through everything. Yesterday we had that time. And despite the fact that I cried, I managed to be calm, so we didn't fight, we just discussed. I don't think we are going to need to have this conversation again anytime soon. I think we are back and we are solid.

This afternoon when Chris was at rehearsal, I got together with Katie. It was fantastic. I really really missed her. I talked to her about everything today. I told her about everything that is going on with my job, with Chris, and with everything. It was so good to be with her. To get everything out to someone who is on the outside. I mean Chris listens to me, but when I have a hard time with him, he is a part of it. So I need someone on the outside. And that was Katie.
I am feeling so much better today than I have in days. The weather, the talk with Katie, the talk with Chris. Its better. I am better. I am calmer.

This weekend I got a new case for my cell phone. A black silicon one for my blackberry. It wasn't that expensive anyway and because of my corporate discount, it was even less! I have been needing one for a while now because I keep dropping the damn crackberry (its a slippery phone!) and so it was time. I am really glad I got it. And I really like it.

I am just feeling happy now. Just calm and clear headed which is something that I haven't felt in a really long time. And excited even. I don't know what it is about today, but its a good day.


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