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Friday Five

Another Friday, another Friday Five!
1. I have fallen down the rabbit hole of youtube vlogs. This is not the first time, but right now I am watching Nick Symmonds (which is current) and am enjoying Oiselle Muse and athlete Kelly Roberts BQ or Bust. Loving it.

2. I am racing tomorrow. A 5K in the early sections of my long run.
Originally Karen was running with me, but she is injured again. :( Well, she doesn't know if she is injured, but she is not feeling great for sure. It is going to be feels like 79*. So I have to remember, that is not 80. And I am also trying to remind myself that it is not the 100* that the pros ran in at USAs a few weeks ago.

3. Oiselle fall is SLOWLY starting to drop. They released new colors of the flyout yesterday, and some of the blues and stuff are looking MIGHTY pretty. I am definitely in need of a second job simply to pay for my running wardrobe.

4. I was chiropracted yesterday. It feels so good these days, now that I am just used to it, I feel like I…

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