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Training Log: week of November 13

Another week of training in the book and according to Coach Mat Nark, this is the last week of really light mileage. There is 152 days until the Glass City Marathon, my A race for the Spring. But I am also running the Hot chocolate 15K, which will be about 3 weeks before that!
So let's take a look at the week and see how things went...

Monday: 4 miles, recovery pace.
Tuesday: strength
Wednesday: 9 miles in two runs (so I could squeeze in a few with a friend!)
Thursday: Strength
Friday: 4 miles, recovery.
Saturday: 8 miles
Sunday: OFF

25 miles
2x strength

Overall a fair week. It felt light on the mileage, but it is really early in the season. In fact, it is not even the season yet, I don't think. So on we go... First race (Turkey Trot) coming up on Thursday.

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