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Training Update: Week of July 9

And now we are starting to add on the mileage. I guess I don't know what I was complaining about before, because things are starting to add on and add mileage and make me feel like a beginning again. Truly, I feel like a beginner. My entire body was sore yesterday.

But I am sure I will readjust to my training again, at least I am hopeful that I will readjust, and I will start to feel better on the higher volume weeks here very soon. Fingers crossed on that. My husband thinks it might be because of the heat we had on Saturday. Regardless, I am ready for my body to start coming around again.
So let's take a look at this week, since it was the first one that was starting to feel more like marathon training.
Monday: 5 miles, yoga, lift. Tuesday: 8 miles + strides (9 total), yoga. Wednesday: Yoga. Thursday: 8 miles (6@MP), yoga. Friday: 5 miles, yoga, lift. Saturday: 13 miles, yoga Sunday: yoga
40 miles 2x lift 7x yoga
A great week, so let's keep it up.

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