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Race Recap: The Hudepohl 14K Brewery Run

Not sure if this is super familiar or not, but I  have run this race a few times before. I ran it in 2011, it was the race that made me feel like maybe I could run a marathon in the first place... (no recap written on that) I ran it in 2012 (race recap can be read here) that was the only year Jason ran the 14K, he was training for a half marathon! I ran the 7K in 2013 because Addie was only 6 weeks old and I didn't have the energy to run 14K at the time - this was also my VERY first race as a member of the Oiselle team! The 2014 race is recapped here, I seemed to have not run in it 2015 (WHAT???) and I skipped writing a recap in 2016, but I ran it with my friend Emily.

I had a tentative race plan. And I also had 20 miles on the schedule. It was to be my final (I think) 20 miler of the training cycle.
I got downtown early to run 5 easy warm up miles. I ended up running into some of my usual mileage crew and running about 2.5 of the 5 with them, which was nice. Thanks Caroline and B…

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