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Race Recap: The Halfway to Christmas Beast Challenge

Yeah, this past weekend, I raced. I needed a race under my belt to make me feel better about training and where I am in my training. That is an important part of the process now, with Mat as my coach, but I guess I need to just spend some time working on it - just working on racing and the mental side of it.
I officially ran and finished the Beast Challenge (which was the 1 mile, the 5k, and the 10k) but I only raced one of these, the 5K. And I knocked out 12 total miles.
So the race (the one mile) was scheduled to start at 7 am. It was about an hour away from my house, but luckily I was going to meet up with Karen and two of her cross country boys, and having someone else there always helps me. (Not to mention allows me to post pictures to my blog!)

I stopped and got my stuff from the packet pick up which included three bibs (!!! I would have just done one bib and made it a special color for the beast challenge. Because we definitely had to go back and read through some papers to fig…

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